Rambutan E35 Plant

Abhishek S Kumar SKU: AS056
Rambutan E35 Plant
Rambutan E35 Plant
Rambutan E35 Plant

Rambutan E35 Plant

Abhishek S Kumar SKU: AS056
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Rambutan is the most popular fruit of Southeast Asia. The fruits of rambutan are red to yellow in colour with long hair-like structures, and the edible portion is translucent and juicy.Rambutan grows well in warm tropical climate.E-35 variety has 35% core, it is round in shape and produce smaller fruits. It is bright yellow in colour and bears abundant fruit. It also has high water content.

  • Climate       -       Tropical

  • Soil type      -      Loam soil

  • Exposure     -     Semi-shade

  • Intercropping    -   Yes

  • Harvest season  - Jul-Aug

  • Healthy Live Plants on Polybag

  • Low Maintenance. It Requires Less Care,so it can even Be Grown by your Kids.

  • Plant Comes with Safe and Secure Packing

  • Could Be Grown On Lage Sized Container In Terrace/ Balcony Garden

  • Planting : Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the pot/polybag your plant comes in. Backfill, mixing compost in with your top soil. Plant into the loosened soil

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