Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily (White) - Bulbs (set of 10)

Urban Plants SKU: UP0001030
Urban Plants flower plant Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily (White) - Bulbs (set of 10)

Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily (White) - Bulbs (set of 10)

Urban Plants SKU: UP0001030
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Zephyranthes can be deciduous or evergreen bulbous perennials, with linear leaves and funnel-shaped or crocus-like flowers in spring, summer or autumn.

Leaves are a deep glossy green and measure 3 mm wide. Flowers, which at first resemble a new leaf, but emerge from their papery sheaves to a stunning whiteness; they are erect in perianth.

Common Name Rain lily, Autumn zephyr lily, Peruvian swamp lily
Height Up to 20 cm
Flower Colour White
Bloom Time After fall
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting And Care

  • Plant 5cm deep in any moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Protect from winter wet
  • Generally disease and pest free
  • If you want to store the bulbs store in a dry place 

    Zephyranthes Lily Care

    • Plant zephyranthes bulbs in a place that receive full sun
    • Dig holes and plant the bulbs 1-2 inch deep and 6 inch apart
    • Sow bulbs into a hole made with your finger or the end of a stick
    • Poke, drop, cover
    • After planting, water well, gently soaking the soil and settling it around the bulbs
    • Germination will begin in 10 to 15 days
    • Rain lilies are happiest with little moisture during spring and summer, with a bit more water late in the season to trigger flowering
    • Plant the bulbs immediately and do not store for long time.
      Sunlight Full sun to part shade
      Watering Medium. Apply just enough moisture to keep the soils from totally drying out.
      Soil Medium wet loamy to sandy soil
      Temperature Minimum 10 degrees Celsius and above
      Fertilizer Use any organic fertilizer.

      Zephyranthes Lily Special Feature 

    • Its star shape attractive flowers increase the beauty of any empty space.

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