Potash Granules

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Potash Granules

Shri Organic SKU: SO0056
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Every crop requires an optimum amount of nutrients for its growth and development. The type and quantity of nutrients that have to be provided externally depend on a number of factors like the soil quality, nature of the crop, time of planting, etc.

Plants need both micro and macronutrients. The three basic nutrients are – Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. However, every nutrient be it macro or micro has an important role to play in the crop lifecycle.


  • Potassium improves a plant's resistance insects, disease, and other harsh environmental factors.
  • It is especially valuable to crops that are high in carbohydrates because it plays a crucial role in the creation of starch.
  • It improves the activity of enzymes.
  • Potassium aids in the efficient absorption of other nutrients.

HOW TO APPLY POTASH GRANULES: The potash granules are easily soluble in water. They can be applied to the topsoil and mixed thoroughly for proper mixing. Then, the soil should be watered so that the granules dissolve and plants can absorb the nutrients.

TIME OF APPLICATION: Since potassium enhances plant growth it is best to apply at the beginning so that the plant uptakes the potassium and grows well.

HOW TO APPLY IN POT: You can mix the soil with a handful of potash granules and mix it well followed by watering the soil. Ensure that soil is watered regularly for plants to absorb the nutrients effectively. Avoid excess use of fertilizers.

AVAILABLE AT: 2kg Packet.

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