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Buy Polyresin Car Planter

Urban Plants SKU: UP80022
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Polyresin Car Planter

This polyresin car planter is an ornamental planter that is ideal for displaying in your yard, balcony, living room, or child's room.

 It is composed of durable polyresin and has a special weather-resistant paint finish, so it may be safely maintained inside or outside of your house and ideal for giving.

Car Resin Planter: A charming planter in the form of a car. Place it on your desk or in your room.

 It is odourless, made of resin, and long-lasting. It has been painted orange and would make a wonderful present. 

Succulents, herbs, and tiny plants thrive in this pot.


Ideal for cactus and succulent plants, adequate drainage for surplus water made from durable polyresin, enduring, resistant to the elements, resistant to fading, and produced by hand.

Category     -   Resin Pots  

Quantity              -    1 pcs

Material Type     -   Indoor/ Outdoor

Color                 -   Multicolor 

Design     -   Car Planter or Pot

Usage                 -   Home Decor, Balcony Decor, Garden Decor, Living Space, Table, Desk

Size                 -   Medium

Care Instructions

  • Lightweight, sturdy, and corrosion-free resin pots are available. They can be utilized both inside and outside.
  • When the resin pot becomes too dusty, wipe it down with a damp towel or piece of tissue paper. 
  • The drainage hole is covered by a plastic cap that is included with the resin pots, preventing mud from leaking over your table.


Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size.

The product is replaceable but non-returnable. 

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