PITAYA (Dragon fruit)

Ornamental Plants Home CACTUS PITAYA (Dragon fruit)
Ornamental Plants Home CACTUS PITAYA (Dragon fruit)

PITAYA (Dragon fruit)

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  • Common Name- Pitaya in Mexico, and pitaya rosa in Central America and northern South America.
  • Place-  Full sun .
  • Soil- Well-Drained, Sandy Soil.
  • Maintenance- Easy to grow.
  • Maximum reachable height up to 8-20 Ft Tall.
  • Maintenance- Easy to grow.
  • Net Quantity 1 count.
  • Available in Pot.

    Soil-Dragon fruit plants are sun loving species. Choose a spot in your garden that receives at least six hours of light. Regarding the soil, prepare a soft, organically rich and well-draining soil.

    Water-Dragon fruit cactus is different from other cactus plants. They require adequate moisture levels to sustain themselves; Therefore, it is important to add adequate moisture during the early growth stages. However, as the plant matures, it develops a certain level of water tolerance. But, to get a healthy, optimal blooming and best fruiting dragon plant, adding enough water is a must.

    Thinning and Pruning: Thinning and pruning give each dragon fruit cactus room to grow and breathe. As the plant matures, gain sufficient space and height, cut off excess shoots, and remove underperforming plants.

    Sunlight: Dragon fruit plants are sun loving creatures. They thrive and prefer to grow in warm climates with an ample supply of bright sunlight.

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