Philadendron Green Berkin plants with pot( set of 5)

Urban plants Philadendron Green Berkin plants with pot( set of 5)

Philadendron Green Berkin plants with pot( set of 5)

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Plant height 2.5 inch
Pot ht 4 inch
Pot material: Plastic

APhilodendron green barkin plant 

A decorative plant known as Philodendron 'Birkin' has glossy dark green leaves in the shape of a heart that begin green and progressively take on variegation as the leaves mature. A new, popular Philo cultivar with milky white and deep green stripes on its leaves typically stays compact.


Size.                         :      0.5 to 1 feet, depending on output.

Growing Mediuic 4 inch pots.

The aforementioned criteria are simply illustrative. The plant's real size and colour may differ.


Only water plants once the soil has dried fully; avoid keeping them wet for an extended period of time.

Potting mix 

30% potting soil, 35% cocopeat, 25% organic manure or vermicompost, 5% charcoal chips, and 5% perlite make up the potting mix.


Indoors, there should be good natural air circulation and ventilation and medium to high indirect light.

Initial  Care (After receiving the plant)

For one day, keep the plant in its nursery pot. Water the plant and keep it in a shaded area for a day if the soil appears dry and the leaves are wilting.

The appropriate amounts of warmth, moisture, and bright, indirect light are still required for the Philodendron Birkin to flourish and display its stunning variegation. Just remember not to pay the plant too much attention—overfertilization and overwatering are not its friends.

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