Peach portulaca grandiflora

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
Peach portulaca grandiflora
Peach portulaca grandiflora
Peach portulaca grandiflora

Peach portulaca grandiflora

Neelu Nangia SKU: NN000124
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Portulaca is a truly beautiful low growing ground cover type plant. It is also best for hanging purpose. Portulaca Grandiflora is also known as the sun rose or even the moss rose. Portulaca flowers are truly beautiful in various garden and landscape settings and have been used to beautify old structures and stone walkways. Portulaca is another clue to the wonderful drought tolerance of a perennial succulent flowering plant. Many varieties of portulaca have semi-double to fully double flowers that resemble miniature roses.

About the Item-

Common Name- Eleven o'clock, Mexican rose, Moss rose, Sun rose, Rock rose, and moss-rose purslane.

Scientific Name- Portulaca grandiflora

Plant Height- Approx 1 feet 

Flower Colour- Peach 

Moss-rose Portulaca Grandiflora Care-

▪︎Sunlight- Full sunlight, Outdoor Plant 

▪︎Watering- Regular water helps provide more abundant blooms, but regular for this plant may be just every other week or even less. The succulent foliage stores water well and has a small root zone. 

▪︎Soil- Prefer sandy well drained

▪︎Maximum Height- 8 inches tall, spreading up to one foot

▪︎Flower Colour- This plant carry yellow, orange, red, and bright pink, white, cream colour

▪︎Bloom Time- Summer season

▪︎Fertilizer- There s no need for fertilizer with the portulaca, as it will do fine on its own.

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