Peace lilly

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Peace lilly

Prayas Nursery SKU: PRN0077
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  • Common name-Spathiphyllum wallisii.
  • Family- Araceae.
  • Location- bright, indirect light.
  • Soil- Keep the soil constantly moist but not soggy.
  • Plant Type- Simple to Grow
  • Net Quantity- 1 count
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     What makes it special in the Peace Lily?

    Peace lily is a very easy-to-grow plant. It is considered an air purifier for the polluted air in the house. It is able to absorb toxic gasses. With the arrival of winter, pollution is a serious problem these days in many states of the country, including Delhi and the NCR. The AQI level has crossed 350, which is now in a very bad category. In this season, many people suffer from respiratory problems. In such cases, people resort to air purifiers. However, this option proved to be quite expensive. You can breathe clean air by planting a peace lily plant in a pot.


    Peace lilies are a good choice for low-light locations because they can grow in shade or partial shade. They also tolerate fluorescent lights, so if you need a plant friend to liven up your desk at the office, peace lilies are a good choice.


    Peace lilies like consistent temperatures from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect your plant from draughts, cold, or sharp changes in temperature. So, maybe don't position yourself with an open door in the cold winter air.

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