Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color

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Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color
Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color
Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color
Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color

Dendrobium Orchid plant in 5 Different color

Urban Plants SKU: UPN001
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Orchids are common indoor plants, and despite the fact that there are innumerable types, they all have many of the same physical traits. Because of their arcs of branches, known as spikes, covered in mellowly coloured blossoms in solid hues or speckles, orchids are simple to identify.

Plant type - Indoor

 Dendrobium Orchid Plant 

The flowers on dendrobium orchids can be any hue, adding beauty to your flower yard.

When this item is shipped, it has flowers of any colour. Hard caned Dendrobium Orchids have their numerous, delicate blossoms and evergreen foliage.

They go through three stages in their life cycle: blossoming (winter to spring), growth (summer to fall), and hibernation (late autumn to winter).

Plant Specifications

Plant Height - 18 inch (46 cm)

Plant Spread - 6 inch (15 cm)

Common Name - Dendrobium Orchid

Maximum Height. - Up to 3 ft

Flower Colour - Any Color

Bloom Time - Dec to july

Difficulty Level. - Easy to Grow

Planting and care

Plant the new pot. When a plant becomes

large and outgrows its container, the potting soil degrades, and the plant must be divided or split.

It is preferable to repot epiphytes annually. The optimal time to repot a plant is when new roots start to appear at the bases of the growth from the previous year.

The humidity level around the dendrobium orchid should be between 50 and 70 percent. To maintain humidity, you should mist the entire plant and the potting soil with water.

Additionally, you can choose a location with a fountain or water flow.

After your orchid has completed blooming, cut off the flowering stem with a pair of fine scissors to encourage regeneration.

Plant overcrowding can result in fungus and insect infestation issues. Maintain airflow around the plant.

Orchid Plant 

Clumps, keikis, rear bulbs, and tissue culture plants can all be divided. Charcoal, shattered brick and tile fragments, coconut husk, and fibre for orchid culture make up the potting mixture. NPK 20:10:10 @ 0.2% foliar spray on the entire plant and potting medium at weekly intervals, beginning 30 days after planting. To give water and maintain humidity, sprinklers should be used overhead or in a mist.

Sunlight - Full to Partial Shade

Watering - Medium

Soil - Use soilless potting mix, pH level 7

Temperature - 20 to 25 degree C

Fertiliser - Spray any organic fertiliser

Harvest Season - Flowers are harvested when they are fully open as the flower

Orchid Plant special feature

With a central long stem and a lovely spray of flowers that can last up to four weeks, orchids have showy flowers and are relatively simple to grow.

Ornamental Use:

Dendrobium orchid flowers are used in flower arrangement and bouquet

5 mix color available imported plant

With pot Available 

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