Orange Rose Plant

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Orange Rose Plant

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  • Color - Orange.
  • Usage- Bouquet, Party Decoration.
  • Sunlight Requirement-Full Sun Exposure.
  • Net Quantity -  1 count.
  • Available in Pot.

  • What's special ?

    • one of the best flowering plants
    • Provide flowers year round.
    • Perfect plant for the outdoor garden and sunny balcony.
    • Orange roses are considered a symbol of passion, desire and enthusiasm.

    Soil-The soil should be well-draining and fertile, rich in organic material.

    Water: Keep the soil moist during the growing season.

    Temperature: 10°C and above.

    Fertilizer: During the active growth and blooming stages, rose plants require more fertilizer.

    Some Frequently Asking Questions

    • How to grow orange roses?

    Choose and prepare the pot Prepare the potting soil for the plant Rosewater Fertilize carefully as needed every few years and protect from frost.

    • Are orange roses readily available?

    Yes orange roses are easily found in nature, you can learn more about them on urban plants.

    • What do orange roses stand for?

    Life, energy, passion and excitement are all represented by orange which are bright and fiery.

    • What does a red rose flower mean?

    Red rose is a symbol of love, beauty and bravery. A red rose bud represents purity and beauty.

    • Where do orange roses grow?

    It prefers full sun and grows in zones 3 through 9, and its flowers and monarch butterflies will add a splash of orange to your yard.

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