Okra Indam- 4424 [HY]

Urban Plants SKU: UP0002022
Urban Plants seeds, Okra Indam- 4424 Okra Indam- 4424 [HY]

Okra Indam- 4424 [HY]

Urban Plants SKU: UP0002022
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Okra, also known as lady's finger, bhindi, bamia or gumbo, belongs to the mallow family. This plant is mainly grown in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions. It is a good low-calorie, fat-free, nutrient-dense addition to any diet.


Indam 4424 is a very high yielding variety with a good fruiting quality. Fruits are dark green , smooth, medium to thin girth , five ribbed. Each fruit weight 16g & 18-20 cm long tender.


Harvest starts from 40-42 days


Well drained red loamy soil. Natural sunlight. Water whenever surface soil is dry. Suitable under protective condition.

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