Moonshine snake plant

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Pinto at Greenland Plant Moonshine snake plant

Moonshine snake plant

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An elegant indoor succulent that lends beauty to any room is the Sansevieria Moonshine, also known as the Moonshine Snake Plant. These gorgeous succulent leaves have an unusual pale silver-green colour that gives them the appearance of being illuminated by the moon. This easy-care plant can survive with little care, making it the ideal option for novices. Due to the angular margins of its erect leaves, it is jokingly called the Mother in Laws Tongue Plant.

Additional care 

Your Moonshine Sansevieria is a sturdy plant that typically resists harmful pests and illnesses. If you do experience insect issues, mealy bugs or spider mites are probably at blame.

If you spot symptoms of root rot, get rid of any yellowing or dead leaves.

Your Moonshine Sansevieria does better the less care you give it.


Indirect sunshine that is between mild and bright is ideal for your Sansevieria Moonshine. It can endure both intense sunlight and dim lighting. However, keep it away from direct sunlight because it can burn the leaves. The leaves may become darker in dim light.


Your Moonshine Snake Plant can withstand drought because it is a succulent. Only water when the soil's top few inches are fully dry to touch. In the summer(June to September) this can mean watering your plant only once every two weeks or so. Wintertime ( November to December) irrigation should be done much less frequently.


A potting mix for succulents or cacti would do. To prevent root rot, adequate drainage is crucial.


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