Moon cactus

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Moon cactus
Moon cactus

Moon cactus

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN042
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Moon cactus plants come in vibrant bright colors of hot pink, brilliant orange, and even an almost neon yellow. They are commonly sold as gift plants and make lovely window box or southern exposure houseplants. These are small plants, generally only ½ inch across, although there are cultivars that get up to 8 inches  in diameter.

 Common Name :- Ruby red cactus, moon cactus, ruby ball cactus, red top, red cap cactus

Mature Size :- Varies, depends on rootstock

Water requirements :-The water requirements for moon cactus are minimal. The moon cactus calls for unglazed, shallow pots with good drainage. Make sure your pots or containers have adequate drain holes so that the water can run down and out. Additionally, it’s advisable to put a thin layer of gravel in the bottom of your container prior to adding you moon cactus. 

Sunlight & Temperature Requirements :- There are cacti plants that will survive through a winter freeze but to be on the safe side, bring your moon cactus indoors, or in the garage when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. They do the best in bright but indirect sunlight. Prolonged periods of direct sunlight can be harmful to the plant.

 Moon cacti are not poisonous to humans and animals. However, their spines, especially those of the rootstock, can puncture the skin, get deep in the muscles, and cause injury. It is important to note that moon cacti spines may have germs on their surface that may cause infection and irritation.


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