Money Pant

MADAN KUMAR Plants Money Pant
MADAN KUMAR Plants Money Pant
MADAN KUMAR Plants Money Pant

Money Pant

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The finest plants for bringing luck and success into the home are money plants.

The money plant's scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. Large, glossy, green, heart-shaped leaves of the Green Money Plant adds brightness to any room indoors.

As they are simple to care in low light and are effective at eliminating indoor pollutants, money plants are the perfect plant for workplaces, retail establishments, hotels, and other public spaces.


Money plants thrive well in bright indirect natural or artificial light.


The soil should have a high organic content, be fertile, and have good drainage.


Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick.

When the top soil (1-2 inches) in the pot seems dry to the touch, add 1 cup (about 50 ml) of water.

Probably in the morning or evening, apply water.

Don't water the plant excessively.

As a general rule, water the plant deeply in the summer  ( June to September)and less frequently in the winter  ( November to December)and during wet weather.


Loosen the topsoil before applying fertilizer without upsetting the plant's roots so it can absorb the nutrients and moisture.

Feed the plant with organic fertiliser once a month during the primary growing season (Feb.-May, July-Sept.).

After applying fertilizer, immediately follow up with watering.

Planting and Protection 

Remove any damaged, diseased, or dead plant components, and dispose of them far from the living plants.

Use a spray of neem oil, eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil as the first line of defense against any disease or insect attack.


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