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Any indoor garden environment will benefit greatly from the Sansevieria plant. It is an evergreen plant without stems.

Because of the form and sharp edges of its leaves, this plant is also known as Mother-in-law's tongue or Snake Plant.

What distinguishes it:

Best plant for air conditioning rooms, desks, etc.

Plant with zero maintenance.

The best houseplant for low light situations.

Popular houseplant with unique cross stripe patterns.

Common Name     -   Snake plant, mother-in-law tongue, tongue of a devil.

Maximum  Height -  Up to 2.4 meters.

Flower Colour        -   Greenish-white.

Bloom Time           -  Rarely bloom.

Difficulty Level      -  Easy to grow.

Plant and Protection 

Remove any plant portions that are diseased, dead, or damaged.

Use a spray of neem oil, eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil as the first line of defense against any disease or insect attack.

Snake Plant care

Maintain the plant in bright, indirect natural light.

Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick.

When the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch, water.

After receiving it, wait at least two weeks before repotting.

Sunlight -   Bright indirect natural light or bright artificial light.

Watering - Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick. Water when topsoil (3-4 inches) feels dry to touch. In the summer, water your plants thoroughly; during the winter and rainy season, water them less.

Soil         -   Soil should be well drain and fertile, rich in organic content.

Temperature   -   12-29 degrees Celsius.

Fertilizer   -     Apply any organic fertilizer.


This plant is an excellent air purifier.


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