Maranta leuconeura

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Maranta leuconeura

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The low-growing Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura) is a native of the tropics of North America. Because the plant's leaves are flat during the day and fold up like praying hands at night, it has earned its common name. Some of the most stunningly gorgeous, decorative leaves in the plant kingdom can be found on the Maranta leuconeura species. The common tricolour cultivar has velvety, deep green leaves with yellow spots running down the midrib and arcing red veins extending to the leaf borders.

Botanical Name         -   Maranta leuconeura.

Common Name         -  Maranta or prayer plant

Mature Size               -  12 inches tall with leaves that are 6 inches long

Bloom Time               -  March to May 

Flower Color              -  White

Care Tips


Although the prayer plant houseplant can tolerate some low light levels, it thrives in direct, strong sunlight.


This plant favours soil that is acidic. Use potting soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.0 that is based on peat. If the soil is well-draining, you can also use a general-purpose potting soil for indoor plants.


Never let the potting soil dry out while it is in the growing season. Water frequently. When the top of the potting soil just begins to feel dry, water the prayer plant. Reduce irrigation during the winter.


The ideal temperature range for a prayer plant is between 18° and 20° C . The humidity in homes is frequently too low, and prayer plants prefer a very humid climate. Plants can breathe more easily when they are grouped together.


From early spring ( March to May)  through the end of the season, fertilize your prayer plant every two weeks. You can use potting mixture of 40% vermicompost 40% sand and 20% coco peat.


When repotting, carefully take the plant out of its previous container, shake the roots clean, and then put it in a new container with brand-new potting soil.


Prayer plant reproduction is surprisingly simple. The Maranta plant can be propagated through rhizome division or stem cuttings.


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