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Mammillaria celsiana is a globose cactus that is initially solitary but eventually begins to divide dichotomously into two stems as it gets older. Like other cacti, Mammillaria species can withstand dryness and require minimal care and attention to thrive.

The globose cactus Mammillaria celsiana is initially solitary, but as it matures, each stem begins to divide dichotomously to form two stems. This process repeats several times, resulting in small clustered groups and, on rare occasions, large mounds with dozens of heads. Individual stems can grow up to 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter and 8 inches (20 cm) tall, with a somewhat recessed and woolly apex. They can be green, blue-green, or grey-green in colour.

Care instructions 

Cactus flourish under neglect, making them the easiest to maintain! Cactus, native to desert regions, adore the light. But wary of the afternoon sun in India! The cactus can burn if kept under intense heat, especially if it's hidden behind a glass that increases the heat. Give the cactus a cooler environment to grow in if you find that the side facing the sun is turning brown or yellow.

The golden rule for watering cacti is to wait until the soil is fully dry before watering! The roots won't decay as a result of this. Always use a pot with a drainage hole so that extra water may be drained out, it is recommended. You will need to water it once a week if kept in a sunny spot.

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