Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN038
Plant’s Nirvana Outdoor Plant Madhukamini Buy Madhukamini Plant Online
Plant’s Nirvana Outdoor Plant Madhukamini Buy Madhukamini Plant Online
Plant’s Nirvana Outdoor Plant Madhukamini Buy Madhukamini Plant Online


Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN038
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A tropical, evergreen shrub or small tree, Madhu Kamini is also known as Murray Exotica, Chinese box, Mock orange, and satinwood. This plant, which is planted as an ornamental tree or hedge and bears tiny, fragrant, white blooms. The plant blooms all year long. Glossy and glabrous describe its leaves.

Common Name Murray paniculata , Chinese box, Mock orange, satinwood etc.

Maximum Height -  3-4 meters.

Flower Colour       -   Creamy White.

Bloom Time           -  All year round.

Difficulty Level      -   Easy to grow.

Care Tips


The Madhukamini Plant thrives in direct, bright sunlight.


The soil should be porous and well-drained.


Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick.

When the top soil (about 3 to 4 inches) in the pot feels dry to the touch, add 1 cup (about 50 ml) of water.

Apply water probably in the morning or evening hours of the day.

Don't water the plant excessively.

As a general rule, water the plant deeply in the summer and less frequently in the winter and during wet weather.


Feed the plant with organic fertilizer once a month from January through March, when it is in its active growing season.

After applying fertilizer, immediately follow up with watering.


Avoid overwatering the plant, particularly if the pot lacks drainage holes.

Avoid the air conditioning vents.

Avoid spraying of water on leaves.

Initial Care 

Before watering the soil, check the moisture content.

Using your finger, probe the soil; if it seems dry, add water.

Maintain the plant under filtered light.

Don't repot it right after receiving the product.

Special feature 

Best aromatic and flowering plants. Beautiful blooms and fragrant foliage grow on this resilient, low-maintenance plant.


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