Lucky Bamboo - 2 layer in glass jar

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Lucky Bamboo - 2 layer in glass jar

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Give your loved ones a Lucky Bamboo plant in a glass jar.

  1. Bring luck and uplift energy.
  2. Best tabletop plant for indoors.
  3. Low-upkeep plant.

Giving a plant as a gift is usually a nice choice because it is special and serves to remind the recipient of your pleasant feelings for them.

Additionally, plants purify the air and eliminate dangerous poisons from the environment.


  • Lucky Bamboo is renowned for bringing luck, wealth, and pleasant energy.
  • Lucky bamboo is a gift that is suitable for any occasion since it represents a happy life.
  • These plants are incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for.

This plant can also be kept in air-conditioned spaces.

Care Guidelines

Avoid overheating the Lucky bamboo plant by keeping it out of direct sunshine.

The fortunate bamboo leaves should not be misted or sprayed with water; instead, gently wipe them to get rid of any dust or debris.

Chlorinated water should not be used since it could harm the plant. To keep the roots buried in water, maintain the water level steady.

To maintain plants healthy, change the water once a week, and clean the pot and plant's roots.

Special features

Two-layer fortunate bamboo represents a joyful and loving existence.

Giving your family and friends a lucky bamboo plant will bring them luck and prosperity.

Earth, wood, water, metal, and fire are the five fundamental Feng Shui elements that are combined in the lucky bamboo arrangement.

To increase the positive energy, place this lucky bamboo at your home or place of business.


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