Lisianthus Flower Seeds

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Lisianthus Flower Seeds

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK073
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ABOUT LISIANTHUS: Lisianthus (Botanical Name: Eustoma sp.) is a genus of herbaceous annuals that bears somewhat fleshy succulent leaves and large funnel-shape flowers. The plant grows between 20-60 cm in height. It is commonly known as Prairie Gentian or Eustoma.

Lisianthus Flower Seeds Care Tips:

  • SOIL- Well-drain moist soil is suitable for the crop. Good quality peat and vermiculite-based potting mixture is best suitable.
  • SEEDS: Seeds are to be sown on the soil surface not below.
  • WATERING- Water should not stand on the seedling tray. Regular watering. However, overwatering is detrimental to the plant and can lead to fungal growth.
  • FERTILIZERS: The plant demands for the monthly application of fertilizers for best results.
  • BLOOMING SEASON: The Lisianthus Flowers bloom throughout the entire summer season.

AVAILABLE IN: Pack of 50 seeds.


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