Lisianthus Flower Seeds

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK073
Lisianthus Flower Seeds

Lisianthus Flower Seeds

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK073
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Lisianthus Pink can be a challenge to start from seed because it’s very sensitive to temperatures over 75 degrees. Be careful to keep temperatures below this throughout the process or it will cause rosetting, or a resting stage. These resting stages can last for weeks or even months, making it hard to get young plants large enough to set out in your garden by spring.

Lisianthus Pink Sow seeds in early winter (mid-December to January, or 16 to 22 weeks before your average last frost date). Because lisianthus seed is so fine, you’ll usually find it already pelleted. Saturate a good-quality, fine peat and vermiculite-type potting medium and spread the seed on top. Cover the container with a plastic dome or a plastic wrap secured with a rubber band to hold in the moisture. Place fluorescent or grow lights ½ to 1 inch above the cover on your container. The seeds should receive 16 hours of light per day until the seedlings start to emerge, in about 2 weeks. During this time keep the temperature constant — 70 to 75 degrees.

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