Leca balls /clay balls (1kg)

Home Square Roots SKU: HS0014
Leca balls /clay balls (1kg)
Leca balls /clay balls (1kg)

Leca balls /clay balls (1kg)

Home Square Roots SKU: HS0014
Clay ball size
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Light expanded clay aggregates are made by heating the clay. As the #clayballs heat up, they fill with bubbles and form into small marble sized balls.Irregular in size - these clay pebbles are the most favorable medium for drain systems.

Benefits : 

  • They are best at retaining moisture. 
  • They are great for water drainage
  • These light weight and porous balls hold air in them and increases the aeration for the root system of the plant. 
  • Leca balls are reusable
  • Since the Leca only wicks water up to the plant when it is needed and this means the time between the watering is extended. 

How to use :

  • Rinse the clay balls with water & repeat the process until the leftover water is clean.
  • The clay balls are covered with dust and it can cause clogging hence it is advisable to clean it outside. 
  • Once cleaned, soak it for min 24 hrs. Wash again before use.
  • Ph water level should be anywhere b/w 5.5 - 6 as it works well with most plants. 
  • If you are new to this growing medium, it's best to start with easy to propagate in water / with small plants.
  • Ensure you change water once in every 2-3 days. 
  • You can use liquid fertilizer at a later stage.

Note : 

*** Leca is just a collection of clay balls & doesn't contain any nutrients. It only takes care of watering your plant. 


  • Rinse, soak, or sterilize before reusing the pebbles.
  • Never let your pebbles dry out.
  • You can use pebbles in conjunction with soil but NOT as a substitute for soil outdoors. 


  • It’s a bit expensive to use on a large scale. 
  • Not suitable for cold outdoor climates
  • Poor water holding capacity
  • Can be problematic with pumps and plumbing. 
  • If you are new this growing medium, it's best to start with easy to propagate in water or with small plants.
Available in two sizes 

Size of Leca balls : Small 
Diameter : 1 - 2 cms

Size of Leca balls : Medium
Diameter : 2 - 4 cms

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