Lakshmi Kamal succulent

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Lakshmi Kamal succulent

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN036
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Lakshmi kamal plant is one of the most beautiful and hardy succulent plants, the leaves are enclosed in a tuft of rosettes. The plant is quite easy to grow and a must for first-time gardeners. The leaves are rounded, tongue-shaped, bright greenish to bluish in color with sharp points at its apex. Being succulent they require very low care and maintenance. It is also known by the name of 'ghost plant' while it is scientifically known as 'Graptopetalum macdougallii'. According to Hindu mythology, Lakshmi kamal brings wealth and prosperity if kept in homes.

Basic Requirements:
Sunlight: 4-5 hours of indirect bright sunlight is required.
Soil: well-drained, fertile, and rich in organic matter.
Watering: As it is succulent there is not much water demand, water thoroughly in summer and reduce in winters.
Fertilizer: Any organic nutrient can be applied b/w spring and early monsoon season.

The maximum reachable height of the Lakshmi kamal plant is around 6 inch while leaves are around 3 inches in diameter.

Planting & care

  • The Lakshmi kamal plant needs 4 hours of daily indirect bright sunlight which is a must for its growth.
  • Repotting should be done after 2 weeks of receiving by adding some soil and fertilizer.
  • Repotting should be done after without disturbing the root structure.
  • The soil should have excellent drainage.
  • Removal of dead and decaying plant part is necessary and essential for promoting new growth.
  • Do not overwater, as this will lead to root rot.

Uses & significance

  • The Lakshmi kamal plant is commonly seen in home because of its ability to grow in wide range of climate also it doesn't requires much care and attention.
  • Keeping Lakshmi kamal near your workspace can increase your concentration, creativity and productivity.

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