Kochia Burning Bush Seeds

Harikrishna Seeds SKU: HS0081
Kochia Burning Bush Seeds
Kochia Burning Bush Seeds
Kochia Burning Bush Seeds

Kochia Burning Bush Seeds

Harikrishna Seeds SKU: HS0081
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Seeds Quantity- 50 Seeds Per Packet

Kochia is widely grown as an ornamental annual and as a forage crop by farmers in the southwestern United States. Highly drought tolerant, it will usually grow well where nothing else thrives. It has been referred to as the “poor man’s alfalfa” because it grows with very little care, expense or maintenance. It is highly resistant to most diseases and insect pests, so rarely needs applications of costly insecticides or fungicides.
Starting Kochia Seeds:
The seeds of the kochia require no special treatment prior to planting. They are tough seeds with a rough triangular appearance. Left to its own devices, the plant naturally spreads its seeds each year when the plant dries, breaks away from its root system and the wind carries it like a tumbleweed across the expanses. As the plant is carried across the ground via the wind, the flat, grayish-black seeds are strewn across the soil’s surface and readily take hold in the dirt to germinate the following spring.
SEED TYPE : Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated And Non-GMO
PLANT : Ornamental Shrubby Upright Plants , 2.0 Feet High
FOLIAGE : Feathery Green Foliage That Turns An Intense Red In Late Summers
SPECIFICATIONS : Suitable For Hedge, Bedding And Pots
SOWING TIME: Throughout The Year Except Winters

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