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Plant details:

  • Ionantha live plant
  •  Light Conditions:-  Filtered/Partial Sun
  • Approximate Mature Height:- 2"
  • Colours :-  Green/Lime, Red/Burgundy
  • Growth Habit:- Upright
  • Location:-Interior


Tillandsia Ionantha is a popular air plant known for its small size and vibrant colors. It requires minimal care, including occasional misting and bright, indirect light. If you have specific questions or need care tips, feel free to ask! Ionantha ‘Rubra’ has firm but fuzzy foliage that can flush bright red-to-orange in direct sunlight. Approximately 1-2″ long. This is an air plant, so no soil needed! To care for them, simply soak in water for up to 10 minutes every one to two weeks, then hang upside down to fully dry.

Some notable points for Air Plants:

- They do not require soil or any other potting soil. They take their nutrients from air only.

- They require proper fully ventilated area/ rooms to survive.

- These plants are most suitable for indoor areas and can also be placed in verandah or shaded areas.

- These plants require proper sunlight. In absence of sunlight even LED lighting is good.

- These plants are best suited for high humidity areas such as Kitchen and bathrooms. Please ensure that plants get proper sunlight/ led light exposure.

- Every week/ 10 days, plants can be soaked in bowl of water for 15 minutes. After that take them out and air dry them so that their root area is fully dry to avoid rot.

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