Hydrangea plant

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Keerthi Vasan Plant&
Keerthi Vasan Plant&
Keerthi Vasan Plant&

Hydrangea plant

Keerthi Vasan SKU: SD000123
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  • Botanical name: Hydrangea spp.
  • Plant types: trees, shrubs, and vines.
  • Shade from the sun: full sun.
  • Bloom time: summer season.
  • Special Features: Attracts Butterflies.

Unrivaled in the shrub world for their beautiful flowers, these charming plants are easy to cultivate, tolerate almost any soil type, and produce abundant blooms. Hydrangeas are excellent for many garden locations, from group plantings to shrub borders to containers. Variety is plentiful (every year, it seems, breeders give us more options!) and gardeners' expectations of flower shape and colour are limitless.

 Soil-Hydrangeas thrive in loamy, clay soils and soils with high organic content. The soil should be moist and have a light texture that drains well. If the soil is rich in nutrients, you don't need to add any fertilizer to the soil.

Water Requirement-For the first year or two after planting and during any drought, make sure hydrangeas get plenty of water.

 Light-Hydrangeas bloom best when they get as much sunlight as possible. In really hot climates, they are sensitive to heat and will fade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Place them in a location that receives direct sunlight only during cool mornings.

Common problems and how to fix them:

Hydrangeas often wilt in strong afternoon sunlight. If you can't avoid exposing the plants to it, you just need to water them well.

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