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  • Family- Asclepiadaceae
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Flowering Season: Summer
  • Use: low maintenance,
  • Sunlight Requirements: Outdoor Shade, Sunlight                                        

Planting Material: Choose a container that drains well, preferably unglazed, and will allow excess moisture to evaporate.

 Size and growth : Most succulent Huernia varieties, such as Hiurnia zebrina, are low-growing plants. Cucumber-like stems rarely grow more than four to five inches.

Flowering and fragrance: The flowers appear from balloon-like buds and have five lobes. In some varieties, the center of each flower is shaped like a small doughnut. The large flowers are attractive, but they also produce a putrid smell throughout the flowering season, which is from July to September.

Light and Temperature:  In summer, these plants enjoy bright light and full sun. This plant is native to South Africa and the Mediterranean and is used to warm temperatures and dry air.

Care Tips :

  • First, make sure that the plant does not get too much water, which causes it to rot.
  • The rot usually starts at the base of the tree and spreads to the stems, causing them to collapse. When this happens, try to take cuttings from healthy stems for propagation and then discard the rest of the plant.
  • Cactus plants, in general, benefit from supplemental feeding during their growing season. Gradually increase the amount of water you give the plant in April or May. 
  • Once a month, feed the plant a 15-15-15 liquid plant food diluted in half. Stop fertilizing in late August to prevent new growth while the plant is dormant.

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