Glass Tube Wooden Station

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Glass Tube Wooden Station

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Glass Tube Wooden Station

Size : 10 * 6.5 * 4 inches

Glass Tube Wooden Station

Excellent propagators: ideal for cuttings and proliferation! Your plant can be propagated in style with this slim glass container, which has room for its roots and is transparent so you can see how it is growing.

minimalist appearance 5 transparent glass tubes on a wood rack painted in Natural Retro Color. In the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or workplace, artificial or freshly cut flowers, mixed bouquets, and water rooted plants can be displayed in a lovely way.

Effective Item: Most plants, including Scindapsus, Pothos vine, African violets, Lucky Bamboo, and even herbs, benefitfrom a simple appearance. For various means of displaying, consider a desktop stand or wall mount. Create a wonderful present for the gardener in your life.

Materials: Premium Quality Glass and Natural Wood Log.


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  • Natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy wood emphasises nature's and primitive beauty. This propagation unite is made of premium quality glass and natural wood.

  • As well as serving as a decorative piece for the living room, bedroom, shop, table,kitchen, etc., this unit can also purify the air and add interest to life.

  • The wooden test tube rack in this unit is distinctive and inventive, with a smooth surface and good permeability.

  • Most plants, including the pothos vine, African violets, lucky bamboo, even herbs, can be grown on it because of its straightforward appearance.

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