Glass Tube Wooden Station

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Glass Tube Wooden Station

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Glass tube wooden station 

About the Glass tube wooden station :

This product is available with different shapes and sizes that provides a distinct look to your house . Displaying plants in this glass tube will brighten the corners of your living room. 

Size : 6.5 × 5× 1.5 inches

Why should glass tubes be used ?

Glass tubes are best to display the plants which are grown in water instead of soil. Thus , this adds a touch of beauty to the place wherever kept .

Are glass tubes good for growing plants ?

Yes , glass tubes are best to grow small plants as it favors good aeration moreover the it provides an aesthetic look to the place where ever kept.

Where can the Glass tube wooden station be kept?

It is suitable to keep  in living room ,bedroom 


Durability :

It will be long lasting as it consists of a wooden frame and stand . 

Plants suitable to grow in glass tube :

Money plants , snake plants, lucky bamboo plants ,pothos etc are suitable. 

USES: suitable for gift , home decor and office decor.

Glass Tube Wooden Station

Size : 6.5 * 5 * 1.5 inches

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