Fycus pumila ( creeping fig )

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Nizar-k-Wall-plant-Fycus-pumila-( creeping fig )-Ficus-pumila-(creeping fig)-Urban-Plants
Nizar k Wall plant Fycus pumila ( creeping fig ) Ficus pumila (creeping fig)-Urban Plants

Fycus pumila ( creeping fig )

Nizar k SKU: NK0095
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Ficus pumila (creeping fig)

The climbing fig is another name for the creeping fig. It is often raised as a decorative houseplant.

What makes it special

  •  One of the best indoor ornamental plants.
  • The Ficus pumelo's striking heart-shaped leaves.
  • You'd like to use this Ficus pumila in more inventive ways.
  • Ficus plants are relatively simple to grow and take care of.
  • The plant, known by its common name, the creeping fig, is utilized frequently in gardens and landscapes where it covers the ground and climbs up trees and walls. one of the quickly expanding Ficus.

Common Name   -   Creeping fig, Climbing fig,

Maximum Height   - up to 3.9 meters.

Bloom Time            - Rarely bloom.

Difficulty Level       -   Easy to grow.

Sunlight                  - Bright but indirect sunlight

Watering                - keep the soil moist but not wet.

Soil                          - Well-drained soil.

Temperature          - 13-24 degrees C

Fertilizer                  - Apply any organic fertilizer.

Creeping fig Plant special feature

  • This plant adheres to itself. Creeping fig doesn't need ties because it climbs using tiny sucker arms that cling to wood, concrete, stone, or metal on their own.

Creeping fig Plant uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Used as a ground cover and wall covering, and it can be grown inside and in hanging baskets.


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