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Urban Plants™ SKU: UP00017
Buy Fork Garden Tools
Buy Fork Garden Tools

Buy Fork Garden Tools

Urban Plants™ SKU: UP00017
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About the Item- 

Name - Fork

Plastic handle with metal blade  - 10 inches


A fork garden tool is one of the chief implements required by every gardener for the preparation of soil. Every plant requires well-drained soil that allows easy aeration in order to let the roots breathe.

A fork garden is such a gardening implement that helps in this purpose. It consists of a stout handle with a base structure usually in the shape of a “T” or “D”. traditionally a fork garden was mainly constructed of wood or steel, but it makes the implement heavy and difficult to use. For easy gardening, the tools must be lightweight. Our gardening tools a light in weight, and made up of a plastic handle with a metal blade with dimensions of 10 inches. The iron parts of the implement are coated with a rust-resistant covering which improves the durability of the tool. The handle is designed for better grip and easy operation in the garden.

The fork garden tool is used to loosen up the soil surrounding a plant base to allow better aeration making the soil porous. It helps in raking out stones from the deeper layers of the soil and also breaks soil clods. Thus the soil is made uniform and ready to use for the plants.

Get the real experience of gardening with right tool in your hand. Loosen the soil around the weed and use this tool as liver to lift weeds root out of the ground.

Metal parts of this tool are coated for protection from rust and handle of this tool is specially designed for better grip.

Blade Type: Fixed.

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