Ficus Bonsai Plant

Das Agri Farm SKU: DA0094
Ficus Bonsai Plant
Ficus Bonsai Plant
Ficus Bonsai Plant

Ficus Bonsai Plant

Das Agri Farm SKU: DA0094
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Ficus or Ficus retusa is known as Cuban Laurel, Phrapsi, Thapsi is a tree basically used as a shaded tree belongs to fid tree family. Ficus is mainly native to China, tropical Asia and some parts of Australia. These species mainly found in low elevation area like river valleys, swamps or mangroves areas. Ficus is mainly tropical and sub-tropical tree so grows well in warm and humid areas.

Maintenance of Ficus Bonsai Plant:

Light: Ficus bonsai is a tropical tree so it requires full sunlight. Place your bonsai in balcony or on window sill where it can get full sunlight.
Soil: While potting Ficus bonsai always use bonsai potting mixture.
Temperature: Ficus Bonsai cannot with stand frosty weather condition. High temperature along with heavy humidity is perfect for the plant growth.
Water: Ficus bonsai require room temperature water and regular misting. The bonsai plant should be water generously whenever the soil is dry.
Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer and organic fertilizer are requires every 2 weeks during summer season and every 4 weeks during winter season.
Care for Ficus Bonsai: Bonsai requires regular trimming and pinching to remain a miniature appearance of the plant.You should trim some new growth to elongate the stem.Do not trim all-new growth. Few new growths should be kept to uphold the plant health.After two to three years, re-potting will be required during the mid-summer.At the time of re-potting, roots can be pruned in some quantity.

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