Ficus Bonsai

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Ficus Bonsai - Urban Plants™
Ficus Bonsai - Urban Plants™

Ficus Bonsai

Plant’s Nirvana SKU: PN026
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Ficus Bonsai

Give your parents this everlasting Ficus Bonsai as a token of your affection.

  • A lovely Ficus bonsai in a plastic container is included with this gift.
  • It will improve the house's aesthetic appeal.
  • It will take up less space in the home and requires very little maintenance.
  • A Bonsai tree can thrive for decades or more with proper care.

Special Feature

  • This fake Ficus bonsai is a small version of a genuine tree that will enhance the decorative aspect of your home.
  • The bonsai tree species Ficus is one of the most well-liked ones. The ideal gift will be a beautiful bonsai.

Common Name   -   Ficus Bonsai, Banyan Bonsai, Indian laurel, Curtain fig Bonsai

Maximum Height -   Up to 35 cm

Bloom Time      - NA

Difficulty Level -   Easy to grow

Caring Instructions 

Sunlight           - Full to partial Sunlight, bright indirect sunlight

Watering         - Moderate

Soil                   - Well-drained potting soil

Temperature   - 20 to 30 degree C

Fertilizer          - Liquid fertilizer


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