False Heather

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False Heather

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Scientific name: Cuphea hyssopifolia.

Also known as false heather, Mexican heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia) is a flowering groundcover that produces masses of bright green leaves. Small pink, white, or lavender flowers decorate the plant throughout most of the year. ... You can grow Mexican heather as an annual if you live in a chillier climate

Care of the plant Cuphea hyssopifolia or False heather
  1. Common names: Mexican heather, False heather, Hawaiian heather, Elfin herb. ...
  2. Fertilize with humus or manure in autumn and once a month with mineral fertilizer in spring and summer.
  3. Prune after flowering to remove faded flowers and maintain a rounded appearance.               It typically spreads up to 2.5′ feet and features evergreen foliage. The plant has many branches and tends to develop a rounded shape. The lance-shaped leaves are evergreen, remaining on the shrub year-round. The glossy green leaves may reach up to ¾” inch long.

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