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Eric Knobloch small

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Eric knobloch small 

Plant details:

  • Live plant along with Plastic pot
  • Plant Type - outdoor 
  • Category - Air Plant
  • Water - 10-20 minutes before shaking off excess water.
  • Size - 3 - 4 inch


Eric Knobloch is a classic Tillandsia Hybrid that combines two very easy to care for air plants: Streptophylla and Brachycaulos.

This species demonstrates hybrid vigour, which is when a hybrid plant grows bigger than the standard form of either parent plant.

This is a great easy-care hybrid plant to add to your collection

 Care tips of Tillandsia “Eric Knobloch”

Bloom: Leaves blush varying shades of red (depending on light exposure) with a short fluorescence of purple flowers

Light: Strong indirect light, partial direct light

Ideal for: Outdoors

Water: Spray or dunk once a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to 4 hours as necessary

This is a fast growing plant by tilly standards, capturing the best of both parents.  Beautiful curling leaves, blushes of color year round, and a showy bloom. 

Some notable points for Air Plants:

- They do not require soil or any other potting soil. They take their nutrients from air only.

- They require proper fully ventilated area/ rooms to survive.

- These plants are most suitable for indoor areas and can also be placed in verandah or shaded areas.

- These plants require proper sunlight. In absence of sunlight even LED lighting is good.

- These plants are best suited for high humidity areas such as Kitchen and bathrooms. Please ensure that plants get proper sunlight/ led light exposure.

- Every week/ 10 days, plants can be soaked in bowl of water for 15 minutes. After that take them out and air dry them so that their root area is fully dry to avoid rot.

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