Echeveria Peacockii

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Echeveria Peacockii

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Echeveria Peacockii: 

About the plant:

Echeveria Peacockii is succulent that stores moisture in its stems and leaves so it does not require too much care and attention . This is a beautiful plant that brings freshness in the surrounding by absorbing toxic chemicals from the air.


Soil requirements for Echeveria Peacockii: 

 Well drained and Porous soil is required for the succulents. The  potting mixture of soil used for succulents should contain a large part of Sand because sand provides good drainage.

Do not add too much organic matter in the potting mixture; this is harmful for succulents. 

How to water  Echeveria Peacockii ?

Water your echeveria once or twice in a week during summer and once during winter. Water the plant only when the top soil is dry .  Avoid misting in the succulents; this is harmful for the plant .

Sunlight requirement for the  Echeveria Peacockii: 

The Echeveria plant requires a good amount of sunlight. So this plant should be placed where it can receive about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight.

Echeveria Peacockii love sunlight but the mid day/afternoon bright sunlight in summer is harmful for the plant . 

In winters , succulents should be kept in a place where they can receive the brightest sunlight. 

Fertilizer requirements for  Echeveria succulents:

Fertilization can be done in a few months in Echeveria  Peacockii . Like other plants succulents also need nutrients for their growth and development. 

How to propagate Echeveria Peacockii ?

Cut a single leaf or stem from the Echeveria Peacockii  very gently and plant this cutting separately in a different pot. 

Where to place Echeveria Peacockii ?

This can be hung near the window where the plant receives enough sunlight for growth. Balcony is the best place  to keep this plant.

Benefits of the echeveria:

Removes toxins from the surroundings.

Reduces dryness.

Adds a touch of beauty wherever kept .

How to care for  Echeveria Peacockii?

Do not over Water this plant . 

Keep them in an open place such as a balcony where they receive enough sunlight. 

Avoid misting in echeveria .

Note : 

We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil because with soil the roots of the plant may rot .

Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . 

The product is replaceable but non -returnable. 

    Note – Plant may not be exactly same as in picture.

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