Dwarf kamini

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Dwarf kamini
Dwarf kamini
Dwarf kamini

Dwarf kamini

Green zone SKU: SCB324
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Growing Conditions of Kamini

Soil and Location

It grows very well in alkaline, clay, sandy, acidic and humid soil. For this, moisture soil should be good but should not be damp or soggy. The well-drained soil will give you the best results. It is a tropical plant, so loves the sun full, although it can bear some shadow. This is perfect for a sunny window.


Murraya paniculata can propagate by cuttings or seeds, but it can be easily developed by stem-tip cutting. For this, you should take a healthy cutting, ideally except some leaves and remove it all. Place it in a container with a medium like sterile, well-drain peat or sand and keep it in hot spots. If you use a rooting hormone to propagation the chances of success increase.


Madhu Kamini plants like moisture, so these plants require regular water. It should not be water logging in its soil, it can cause damage to the plant.


During the growing season, feed your farming plant balanced fertilizer (5-10-5 or 5-10-10). Allow approx 1 cup for each bush, sprinkle it around the drip line.


Traditionally, Kamini is used to kill traditional medical analgesic, and its wood is used for tool handles. In the western part, it is used as a decorative tree or hedge

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