Dutch Iris Bulbs - Set of 5 Bulb

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Seeds n bulbs Bulbs Dutch Iris Bulbs -  Set of 5 Bulb Buy Dutch Iris Bulbs, Flower Bulbs in Delhi

Dutch Iris Bulbs - Set of 5 Bulb

Seeds n bulbs SKU: DK072
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Dutch Iris 

In flower gardens, growing irises is very common.

Being somewhat drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, the hardy flowers are not difficult to grow and thrive in a variety of climates. Iris flowers are stunning when they bloom, coming in a variety of colours, from the usual purple tint to patterned white and yellow.

Narrow leaves and upright stems support flowers with 3 wide spreading or drooping fall petals alternated with 3 erect, frequently smaller, standard petals in late winter, early spring.

Common Name    -  Spanish iris, small bulbous-rooted iris

Height                          -   Up to 30 inches

Flower Colour          -    Varies-Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Multicolor

Bloom Time              -    May and June, but not always

Difficulty Level.       -    Easy to gro

Planting and care

  • Avoid mulching carelessly with organic material or applying high-nitrogen .

  • fertilisers to the surface as these practises may promote rhizome rot.

  • Keep rhizomes exposed.

  • Iris rhizomes require some sunlight and air to dry out, unlike bulbs, which can survive underground.

  • They will rot if replanted with soil or if they are crowded by other plants.

  • Shallow mulching in the spring may be advantageous for iris plants.

  • Iris leaves should not be cut shortFor the growth of the following year, leaves continue photosynthesis.

  • To prevent rot, remove brown tips and trim the flowering stalk all the way to the rhizome.

Iris Xiphium care

  • Iris rhizomes should be planted for maximum results in July, August, or September.

  • This is also the optimum time to divide and replant iris that have gotten crowded, typically after three to five years (plants are typically dormant during the heat of July and August).

  • Irises that have just been planted need to have their roots well-established before the growth season ends.

  • At least four to six weeks prior to the first hard freeze or death frost, plant your irises

Sunlight          -        Full Sun

Watering          -   Water thoroughly.

Soil                      -    Sandy, Loamy well-drained soil

Temperature          -  6 degrees C to 23 degrees C

Fertilizer          -   Apply any organic fertilizer.

Ornamental Use:

  • The plant is utilised as a decorative item.

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