Dischidia Oiantha (Hanging)

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Prayas Nursery PLANT Dischidia Oiantha (Hanging)

Dischidia Oiantha (Hanging)

Prayas Nursery SKU: PRN0077
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Dischidia Oiantha (Hanging)

Dischidia is a tropical epiphytic small-growing succulent plant with trailing stems that is linked to the Hoya. 

These plants develop on structural elements like tree trunks or branches. To absorb water and nutrients and give the plant more support, their stems may develop roots along the nodes. 

This fast-growing, low-maintenance plant will thrive in a nice, bright area near a window. Make sure that at least a third of the soil dries out before watering and misting the plant once or twice a week will help.

Dischidia Oiantha Hanging Plant Care


To keep Dischidia happy, grow it in bright to medium light.


When the soil's surface begins to dry out, water Dischidia. Since the plant can tolerate some drought, you shouldn't be concerned if you occasionally forget to water it.


Plant your Dischidia in an epiphytic plant-specific loose, well-draining soil that is typically made of coconut husk or finely chopped bark.


Although Dischidia doesn't actually require fertilizer, you should switch up the planting medium every year.


 We send all the succulents bare rooted/without soil. Because with soil there are chances of root rot. 

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