Cymbidium orchid saplings

Cymbidium orchid saplings
Cymbidium orchid saplings
Cymbidium orchid saplings
Cymbidium orchid saplings
Cymbidium orchid saplings

Cymbidium orchid saplings

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Cymbidium Orchid saplings 

About the plant:

Cymbidium Orchid plant is a succulent and is indoor as well as outdoor but it is more attractive and suitable as indoor plant .

This plant is native to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Soil requirements 

The soil  required for this succulent plant is 

Well drained and Porous soil which possesses high water retention and capable of draining out excess water to save the plant from rot. 

Water requirements:

Cymbidium Orchid is a water loving plant so it needs quite a good amount of water . During its active growth phase it needs daily watering. 

Temperature requirements:

 The best temperature for its growth is 32 degree celsius.

Light requirements of cymbidium orchid:

This plant is suitable for cooler regions and does not need direct bright sunlight for growth. 

It should be kept under the shade of other trees when kept outside whereas it is more good for inside where it gets partial and filtered light. It requires sunlight for  6 to 8 hours regularly and morning sunlight is best for the plant. 

Direct and bright sunlight can burn the leaves of the plant and also affects the flowering.

Repotting of the plant : 

Repotting should be done only when the plant grows in size and the medium of exchanging the nutrients is broken between the soil and roots . 

Plant flourishes well when roots are kept undisturbed. So frequent repotting should be avoided. 

Place to keep the Cymbidium Orchid :

It can be placed near the windows where partial and shaded light is available for the plant.

Pest attack and control for cymbidium orchid:

This plant is susceptible to mites and spiders so before using any fertilizer, spray water over the plant thoroughly like a shower .  

Cymbidium Orchid saplings are available in urban plants which are completely healthy . 

Note :

The actual product may differ in shape ,size and appearance.  The images are only for reference. 

This product is non-returnable but replaceable .

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