Gladiolus Bulb set of 10

Almas Ali SKU: AA0038
Gladiolus Bulb set of 10 - Urban Plants™
Gladiolus Bulb set of 10 - Urban Plants™
Gladiolus Bulb set of 10 - Urban Plants™

Gladiolus Bulb set of 10

Almas Ali SKU: AA0038
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Gladiolus set of 10

Gladiolus provide stunning, eye-catching flowers. Gladiolus plants thrive in the summer's warm climate.

Gladiolus come in a wide variety of flower hues, including multicoloured types including apricot, blue, burgundy, pink, gold, red, orange, and white. 

Their stems, which are often unbranched, produce 1 to 9 narrow leaves with longitudinal grooves in the shape of swords. 

Common Name    Sword lily

Height                            -   Up to 5 feet

Flower Colour            -    Red

Bloom Time                -  Summer( June to September)

Difficulty Level          -   Easy to grow

Planting procedure

  • Plains can be planted in October, and hills can be planted in March or April.

  • To plant the bulb, make a hole 5 cm deep.

  • Set the bulb in the hole with the sharp end facing up, then fill it with soil and firmly press it down.

  • Separate bulbs by 6 to 8 inches.

  • The compositions that are recommended for bulb plantations are as follows: Sand, Perlite, Compost, and Garden Soil (2:2:1:1) alternatively, soil plus cocopeat plus worm compost (1:1:1)

Gladiolus care

  • Gladiolas bulbs are soaked in water until they don't germinate well, and then they are put in potting soil.

  • Keep the plant where it will receive the most sunshine.

  • If the soil is dry, watering should be done first thing in the morning.

  • When the soil around a plant feels dry to the touch, water it. Water deeply in the summer and less frequently in the winter and during the rainy season.

  • Try to water the plants between 8 and 10 in the morning.

  • Remove any damaged, diseased, or dead plant parts, and dispose of them in the rubbish can.

  • During the growing season and during planting time, you should fertilise a plant.

  • Put organic material in the potting mix as a mulch.

Sunlight          -   Full to partial sunlight

Watering        -  Moderately

Soil                    -   Sandy loam soil

Temperature       -   20 to 30 degrees C

Fertilizer        -  Apply any organic fertilizer.

Gladiolus uses

This bulbous flowering plant serves as a decorative.

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