Curio Ficoides

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Curio Ficoides

Curio Ficoides

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Curio ficoides, also known as skyscraper Senecio and Mount Everest Senecio, is a species of succulent plant, in the genus Curio (Asteraceae), indigenous to South Africa. The gray-blue wax coating on the cylindrically shaped leaves gives a special allure This Kiwi Aeonium is used as the ornamental plant.

Curio Ficoides Care 

▪︎Common Name - Kiwi Aeonium

▪︎Scientific Name- Curio Ficoides

▪︎Sunlight- Full sun, partial sun, at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.

▪︎Watering- Low for the rainy season, Moderate for winter, More than moderate for a summer.

▪︎Soil- Avoid excess organic contents in the soil.

▪︎Temperature- Ideal: 22 to 35 degrees C

▪︎Fertilizer- No need much. A peat-based compost should not be used.

NOTE- Re-pot with the following proportions:3 parts of potting soil,1 part of grit (pumice),1 part of the horticultural-grade sand,1/2 part of the compost etc. Do not Repot Max. 2 weeks after receiving. 


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