Cow Manure & Earthworm Vermicompost for Home Garden, Nursery & Plants (1Kg)

Gardening-Cow-Manure-Earthworm-Vermicompost -(1Kg)-Urban-plants
Gardening-Cow-Manure-Earthworm-Vermicompost -(1Kg)-Urban-plants
Gardening-Cow-Manure-Earthworm-Vermicompost -(1Kg)-Urban-plants
Gardening-Cow-Manure-Earthworm-Vermicompost -(1Kg)-Urban-plants

Cow Manure & Earthworm Vermicompost for Home Garden, Nursery & Plants (1Kg)

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Vermicompost and cow manure

  • 100% organic ingredients.
  • Organic booster for your plants.
  • Best in class nutrient contents - with tested and proven lab results.
  • Optimum nutrition for your plants - no need buy any other manure.
  • Promotes leaf growth, fruiting and overall plant growth.
  • Increases fruit size and taste - all organically.
  • Organically enhances flower production and size.

Vermicompost and cow manure is a premium, 100 percent organic product for organic farming and gardening. It is a compost that is high in humic acids and created by the earthworm decomposition of organic waste.

Vermicompost  and cow manure is applied to the soil as a fertiliser, conditioner, and addition. Vermicompost improves soil tilth by adding humus and organic matter, similarly which  gives plants accessible nutrients. Vermicompost serves as a buffer against overly acidic or alkaline soil conditions and aids in water uptake and retention.

Vermicompost aids in nutrient storage and protects nutrients from irrigation and leeching.

Care Instructions

  • Keep items in a cool, dry area.
  • Keep children out of the reach of this product. If consumed, contact a doctor right away.


  • Vermicompost  and cow manure package will last a plant in a pot with an upper diameter of 5 to 6 inches for a full year.
  • For instance Enhances soil quality and aids in pH soil balance 100 percent organic product
  • No chemicals at all

How to use?

  • Apply 150-250 g of vermicompost at the base of potted plants, away from the main stem, three to four times per year.
  • Use when filling pots in a same ratio to soil

cow manure

  • Plant manure made from cow dung. For indoor plants, organic fertilisers are the finest.
  • Similarly Compost manure of the highest calibre and greatest efficacy for home and garden plants.
  • has microbial biostimulants to increase disease resistance and create healthy microbiota.
  • In addition the consistency of the powdery texture and superior porosity, supports organic practises and improves soil quality
  • Cow dung powder, dried and of fine texture

Available products in 1KG.

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