Cotyledon orbiculata White Sprite Succulent

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green flowers Succulent Cotyledon orbiculata White Sprite Succulent Buy Cotyledon orbiculata, White Sprite Succulent Online

Cotyledon orbiculata White Sprite Succulent

green flowers SKU: GF0006
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Cotyledon orbiculata are succulent plants with thick leaves, in colours varying from green to grey, often with a red line around the margin. Leaf shapes also vary. The plants can be mat forming or clump forming or small to medium shrubs. 'White Sprite' is a multi-branching succulent shrub with flattened, finger-like leaves, which are powdery white-green, edged in red and eventually flushed with dull burgundy. Flower stalks carry drooping, bell-shaped flowers in salmon-orange.

Cotyledons require a free-draining gritty mix and plenty of sun. They are tolerant of cool, frost-free conditions during the winter if kept dry. Cotyledons should be kept in a sunny position. Plant young plants in pots and keep indoors until they are well established. Plant outside only if they are offered frost protection through the winter months. Pot plants can be moved outside once all risk of frost has passed. They will not survive poor light or bad drainage in the wet.

Cotyledon orbiculata White Sprite Care

▪︎LIGHT- Full Sun

▪︎WATER- Once in a week 

▪︎SOIL- Light and free draining

▪︎BLOOM SEASON- Spring and summer



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