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Buy Cosmos Sunshine Mix Seeds

Urban Plants SKU: UP80062
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 Cosmos Sunshine Mix Seeds

Cosmos is an annual flowering plant that grows quickly. The annual Cosmo plant enjoys heat as it blooms better in high temperatures.

Long stems support flowerheads that may have a bowl- or open-cup form.

Remove spent flowers with a pin to promote continued bloom. Pruning stem tips can shorten them and promote branching.

 Quantity               - 50 to 60 seeds per packet 

Common Name     - Cosmos, Showy Flower

Height                             - Up to 6 ft

Flower Color            -   Mixed Color 

Bloom Time                -    June to September 

Difficulty Level     - Easy to grow.

Planting and care

  • When the soil seems dry, water should be applied.
  • When the dead flowers are removed, the flower blooms last longer.

Sunlight                 -   Full sun

Watering                  -   Moderate

Soil                             -   Loamy Soil.

Temperature                 -   25 to 30 degree C

Fertilizer                - Use any organic fertilizer or vermicompost.

Harvest Season    - Start to blossom

Use for Ornaments:

  • Use of Cosmo plants as potted and border plants
  • Traditional plants for a cottage garden include Cosmo.
  • Plants for the border, attractive pot plants with intense color.


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