Coco Brick - 5 Kg

Shri Organic SKU: SO2027
Shri Organic Organic Manure Coco Brick - 5 Kg

Coco Brick - 5 Kg

Shri Organic SKU: SO2027
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HOW COCO BRICKS ARE MADE: The coconut husks are removed, and the fibers are then loosened and softened by soaking. After that, they are taken out of the water to dry for up to a year. The fibers go through sorting and processing after drying. Bricks made of coco coir are made by compressing finely chopped fibers.

Coco bricks are hard and compact. To bring them back into a soil-like texture, the coco bricks can be soaked in water so that rehydration occurs. However excess moist coco coir can cause root rot in crops. 


  • Coco coir is best known for its water-absorbing capacity.
  •  Coco coir can retain water up to10 times its weight. 
  • Thus, coco coir is widely used in mixtures of vermicompost and perlite. It is a very popular gardening mixture used nowadays.
  • It is readily available.


  • Coco coir can be used for raising seedlings in the nursery. 
  • It can be added to the potting mixture.
  • Coco coir beds are also used to produce vermicompost (using organic wastes) as they provide optimum moisture for earthworms.

AVAILABLE AT: 5kg Low EC Coco Brick.

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