Buy Clivia Orange Bulbs

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Buy Clivia Orange Bulbs

Urban Plants SKU: UP80041
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Buy Clivia Orange Bulb

Buy Clivia Orange Bulbs which has orange flowers that can have a very light scent but are extremely sweet.

Herbaceous plants called clivias have long, slender leaves that are green.

The umbel, which rises above the green foliage below as a sturdy stalk, has individual orange blossoms growing on its tip.They offer lovely beauty to a floral arrangement and have a bell-like form.

Clivias do produce berries as fruits. The plant reaches a height of about 45 cm (18 in), and its flowers are typically red, orange, or yellow.

They occasionally have a light but incredibly sweet fragrance. Kaffir lily is another name for it.

Plant Specifications:

Common Name - Fire Lily.

Flower Colour - Orange or Red.

Bloom Time - Flowers appear in late winter and last into spring.

Difficulty Level - Easy.

 Planting and care:

  • These plants tend to be strong feeders, and yellow, washed-out leaves.
  • Older flower stalks should be cut off at the base, close to the leaves, to extend the blossoming period.
  • Periodically mist or wipe the leaves to avoid dust accumulation.

Sunlight - These plants do best as part-time outdoor plants, spending the summers outside in a shady spot with no direct sunlight. Bring them in during the winter rest period and keep in a lit but cool location.

Watering - Suspend water during the winter and resume again in the late winter or early spring.

Soil - A standard potting mix should be fine.

Temperature - With a minimum temperature of 10 C (50 F)

Fertilizer  - During the growing season, fertilize every week with a weak liquid fertilizer. It also works to include controlled-release fertilizer pellets in the soil.

Ornamental Use:

These flowers have a bell shape to them and make for beautiful additions to a flower arrangement

Medicinal Use:

  • Used in medicine.
  • It is utilized in its whole and works well to cure fever, muscle stimulation, and discomfort.
  • Different plant components are utilized for various purposes.

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