Cliestocactus semiapatanus

Nirmal gupta SKU: NG002
Nirmal gupta Cactus Cliestocactus semiapatanus
Nirmal gupta Cactus Cliestocactus semiapatanus
Nirmal gupta Cactus Cliestocactus semiapatanus

Cliestocactus semiapatanus

Nirmal gupta SKU: NG002
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Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

About the plant:

This plant is a very beautiful plant and can be easily grown . Keeping this plant near is very beneficial as this plant absorbs all the harmful chemicals from the surrounding and releases oxygen.

Soil requirements for Cliestocactus semiapanatus :

 Well drained and Porous soil is required for the plant.  Potting mixture of soil used for plant should contain a large part of Sand . Do not add too much organic matter in the potting mixture; this is harmful for flowering plants.

How to water Cliestocactus semiapatanus ?

Watering during summer is done twice a week and once a month in winter.Avoid misting in the  Cliestocactus semiapatanus; this is harmful for the plant .Water the plant only when soil is completely dry.

Sunlight requirement for the Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

This plant thrives best when they get approx 5 hours of sunlight regularly. 

Cliestocactus semiapanatus love sunlight but the mid day/afternoon bright sunlight in summer is harmful for the plant . 

In winters , it should be kept in a place where they can receive the brightest sunlight. 

Fertilizer requirements for  Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

Like other plants Cliestcactus semiapanatus do require nutrients so it should be provided with fertilizers. Fertilizers can be given once a month . Liquid fertilizers are best to give to  this plant.

How to propagate Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

It is propagated through cuttings and division . Cut the young branch of the stem and plant it separately. After a few days the cutting will grow and will be established in a new plant.

Where to place Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

Cliestocactus semiapatanus can be kept near the window where it receives enough sunlight for growth. The best place suitable for this plant is the balcony.

How to care for Cliestocactus semiapatanus :

Do not over Water the plant.

Keep them in an open place such as a balcony where they receive enough sunlight. 

Avoid misting in Cliestocactus semiapatanus .

Benefits of the plant:

Releases oxygen.

Absorbs harmful toxins.

Note : 

Images are only for reference; the actual product may differ in shape and size . 

The product is replaceable but non -returnable. 

Cliestocactus semiapatanus is a beautiful orange flower cactus 
 size 4 to 6 inch long 

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