Celery seeds

Urban Plants Celery seeds
Urban Plants Celery seeds

Celery seeds

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ABOUT CELERY: Celery (Botanical Name: Apium graveolens) belongs to the family Apiaceae. It is grown worldwide as a leafy vegetable. The plant bears long stalks with leaves at the top. Both the stalks and the leaves are consumed as a vegetable.


  • SEEDS: Prior to sowing the seeds, they can be soaked in water overnight. It ensures better germination. Seeds can be first grown in pro-trays till they reach 10cms in height. Then, they can be transplanted directly into pots or soil. Seeds take 2-3 weeks to germinate. If seedlings are sown in the garden, a spacing of 10-15 should be maintained between the two plants.
  • SUNLIGHT: While in the seedling stage, they can be kept under the shade immediately after sowing for 1-2 days. Then they can be brought under direct sunlight. During the later stages, the plant requires direct sunlight for 4-5 hours a day followed by exposure to partial sun rays. Celery grows best when the outside temperature is between 15-25 degree centigrade.
  • SOIL: A well-drained soil is needed. The plant prefers moist soil throughout its growing season.
  • WATER: Watering is to be done regularly to maintain moist soil. 
  • FERTILIZER: Organic fertilizers like vermicompost or manures can be mixed with the soil for better results. A light water-soluble fertilizer can be applied during the growth stage of the plant.


  • Leaves are used in salads or food preparation.
  • Celery seeds are crushed and mixed with salt and used as Celery salt.
  • Both stalks and leaves can be consumed.
  • Celery can be used in making soups.

AVAILABLE IN: Pack of 50 seeds.


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