Cactus Rebutia

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the plantmaniacs cactus Cactus Rebutia Buy Cactus Rebutia Online

Cactus Rebutia

the plantmaniacs SKU: TP0020
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Commonly called crown cacti, the Rebutia genus includes some of the most popular and easiest to grow cacti, making them perfect for beginners. They are frequent bloomers and readily send out offshoots, so even plants only two or three years old will form an attractive cluster of small plants. Their flowers typically emerge from the base of the plant or between individual plants in the same cluster, as opposed to the crown of the plant. In terms of culture, they are not particularly difficult and like bright light and light moisture.

 About the Item - 

• Scientific Name- Rebutia Fiebrigii

• Common Name- Orange Crown cacti

• Cactus Diameter-  5 inch

• Pot Material- Plastic 

• Pot Height- 6 inch 

Rebutia Cactus Care

▪︎Light- Rebutias required Bright light. The best location for it indoors would be near a bright, sunny window. Although it can tolerate extremely bright light situations and direct sun, it appreciates filtered sunlight and afternoon shade. Strong light encourages the plant to flower and develops dense spines.

▪︎Size and Growth: It consists of a single ball reaching about 6” inches in size.

▪︎Flowering: It produces orange-red flowers with round petals which cover most of the cactus plant.

▪︎Water- Throughout the growing season (spring and summer), let the potting soil almost completely dry out between waterings, then water thoroughly. In winter, cut back watering.

▪︎ Soil- A rich, fast-draining cactus mix is ideal.

▪︎ Fertilizer- During the growing season, fertilize with a cacti fertilizer mix. Suspend feeding during the dormant winter period. 

▪︎Propagation- Rebuti cacti can be propagated easily from offsets, which readily in clusters around the base of the mother plant.

▪︎ Repoting- Repot as needed, preferably during the warm season.




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