Cactus Parodia

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the plantmaniacs Cactus Cactus Parodia Buy Cactus Parodia Online
the plantmaniacs Cactus Cactus Parodia Buy Cactus Parodia Online

Cactus Parodia

the plantmaniacs SKU: TP008
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Commonly called ball cactus due to its shape,  is a large genus of flowering cactus plants. Parodia chrysacanthion is a small cactus that forms solitary, globular to columnar stems with spirally arranged ribs covered with thick, yellow wool at the crown. The stems grow up to 8 inches tall and up to 4 inches in diameter. Yellowish-white areoles have yellow spines. Flowers are yellow, funnel-shaped, and 2 cm in diameter. They are produced in the center of the stem & blooms in summer. It is used as an ornamental, It is an excellent plant for container growing. It always looks good and stays small.

About the Item- 

• Scientific Name- Parodia chrysacanthion

• Common Name-  Golden Powder Puff

• Cactus Diameter-  3 inch 

• Pot Material- Plastic 

• Pot Height- 6 inch 

Cactus Parodia Care Tips

▪︎Size & Growth - 3–12 in. tall, 3–18 in. wide
▪︎Light - Like all other cacti genera, ball cactus needs plenty of sunlight in the day to do well. Parodia cactus needs shelter for the exposure to full sun during the hot afternoon sun.
▪︎SoilPlants need a mix of rich, fast-draining soil to allow it to thrive. Use a combination of sand, chalk, and loam to provide the cactus with all the necessary nutrients. A nurturing soil is the base of a healthy Parodia cactus.
▪︎Water - Parodia cactus love moist, well-drained and hydrated soil, especially during the growing season. During spring and summer time, regulate the watering and make sure you water intermittently to keep the soil moist. Let the soil almost dry out between watering.
▪︎Flower ColourYellow, pink, red, orange
▪︎Bloom Time- Summer 
▪︎Fertilizer - During growing season,  fertilize with cacti fertilizer.  Stop feeding the cactus during  winters.
▪︎Repotting-  Repot your ball cactus as needed, preferably during the warm season. Make sure the soil is dry before repotting, then gently remove the cactus and surrounding soil from the pot. 

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